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Serious Player Only Player 1 Review

Serious Player Only Player 1

The Serious Player Only Player 1, a new shoe from a new brand, does a lot right and includes some interesting tech, but also has a glaring flaw.

Colorway: Yellow

Release Date: 2022

Price: $158

At first look, you might mistake the Serious Player Only Player 1 as one of the many Kobe Bryant shoes. Maybe you see the Nike Kobe 8 or Nike Kobe 7 heel counters. Or maybe you see the knitted construction taken from the Nike Kobe 11. If you guessed those, you guessed right. It takes heavy inspiration from those models to the point that it almost looks like a knockoff. However, various characteristics of these shoes are worth noting. And depending on your preferences, you might find the Serious Player Only Player 1 worth trying.

What’s in the video?

In the video, Chris provides detailed information from all the usual categories, providing the in-depth information you need. He supplies expert-level opinions on the materials, cushioning, traction, support, and fit. Here’s some of what he discusses:

  • Nice and sturdy packaging
  • Homage or knockoff?
  • Visually incredible, grippy but cheap outsole
  • Carbon fiber midfoot shank plate
  • Evanlon drop-in midsole with Popcon and Gum pucks
  • Additional cushion layer
  • Plastic shell upper with glued fabric
  • Fuse overlays
  • Synthetic nubuck heel area
  • Logo placement and branding
  • Sizing recommendations

Serious Player Only Player 1 Clarifications

Serious Player Only was kind enough to send over some of their thoughts on Chris’s feedback. The founder said they intentionally included elements of Kobe Bryant’s shoes in the initial model as an homage. They told us they will release more original-looking products in the future.

Serious Player Only also clarified that the rubber used for the outsole was manufactured thin in order to reduce the Player 1’s weight. The brand is currently working on a version that will be more outdoor-friendly, so keep your eyes peeled here for a review of that upcoming model.

The shank plate is actually carbon fiber, which is impressive for a young startup company. Serious Player Only also said that they would adjust the fit and last, including introducing a new midsole, in response to customer feedback. How about that? A footwear brand that actually listens to the customers and makes improvements based on that feedback.

We appreciate Serious Players Only for reaching out and clarifying the Player 1’s tech specs and the brand’s design decisions. This kind of response lets us know they’re on the right path.

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How to Buy the Serious Player Only Player 1

The Serious Player Only Player 1 is available for $158 at Serious Player Only website.

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